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Septic Tank and Cesspit Maintenance

After just a few weeks of use a new septic tank will begin to grow colonies of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that work hard to decompose the solid waste within the tank. These microscopic friends break down the solids by digesting the effluent to use as fuel, excreting what's left as harmless liquids and gasses. In fact, they are so efficient that with a little care and assistance they can help to decompose up to 50% of the waste in your tank. These bacteria do a great job in keeping your septic system in working order so it makes sense to try and give them a helping hand.

As the undigested solids begin to build up in a tank, it can become a suffocating environment, making it hard for the bacteria to stay ahead. A build up of damaging chemicals and/or non degradable materials added to the tank can seriously damage their ability to carry on decomposing the waste. That's bad for you and bad for the environment. To keep colonies of bacteria healthy in your tank we recommend following our tips below as well as having your tank emptied every 6 months or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Do – try to become water efficient

Using excessive amounts of water puts strain on your tank and can cause it to become weakened, damaged or blocked. Making your household water efficient reduces the workload of your septic tank, extending it's lifespan considerably.

Don't – let these items anywhere near your drains

  • Fats, oils or grease
  • Disposable nappies and wipes
  • Feminine sanitary care items
  • Paper kitchen towels
  • Paints, chemicals or medicines
  • Egg and nut shells
  • Cigarette butts

Do – carry out regular inspections

Every few months take a look at the tank itself and examine any visible components for signs of leakage or corrosion. Also check the drain field (surrounding ground) for signs of leaking, excess dampness or strange odours.

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